Synthetic Turf Installation

Synthetic Turf Installation

Synthetic Turf Installation is the process of creating a surface of synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass. People commonly use it in sports arenas, but now they also use it on residential lawns and commercial areas.

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If you're looking for a low-maintenance, high-quality alternative to traditional grass, look no further than synthetic turf. Synthetic turf is made from durable, realistic-looking synthetic fibers that require no watering, mowing, or fertilizing. It's the perfect solution for busy homeowners who want a beautiful lawn without all the work. Plus, it's great for businesses and other commercial applications. Whether you're looking to save time and money on lawn care or create a unique and eye-catching space, synthetic turf is the way to go.

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Our process

Give your home or business the perfect lawn.

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Step one

Never need to water or fertilize and no mud or dirt tracked in the house.

Step two

Super easy to clean, just hose it off.

Step three

Now you have a lawn that looks great all year round.

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Our landscaping services are professional, reliable, and affordable.

Eco Friendly

We offer eco-friendly landscaping services that are safe for your family, pets and the environment.


We act with honesty, integrity and responsibility and in the spirit of good faith and fair dealings.

Done with love

We take care to listen to our clients' needs and desires, and work diligently to bring their vision to life.

Easy to maintain

We take the hassle out of landscaping so you can enjoy your yard worry-free. Keep your yard looking great without all the work!


You don't have to be a millionaire to have a beautiful yard.

High quality

We make your dreams a reality. You'll love the look of your home after our team is done with it.

Licensed Installations

We are fully licensed and ready to work for you.

State Licensing:
Trade: C-27 Landscape.
License #: 788678 (Expiration: 10-31-2020).

We also offer a warranty of 1-year on all parts and labor.

Landscaping Award Winners

We have won multiple awards for the best presentation garden at the South Coast Plaza Spring Garden Show.

Multilingual Staff

Small jobs are welcome, great warranties are offered, totally free estimates and we have a multilingual staff.

Uses Only The Top Brands

Our favorite brands are Hunter, Rain Bird, Toro, Weathermatic, Champion and Superior. We repair and install all major brands of sprinkler and lighting systems. Our preferred sprinkler and lighting brands to install are FX Luminaire and Light Crafters.

Superior Service Ratings

Screened and approved by Home Advisor.

Expert Advice

We are certified by Aquascapes in the installation of water harvesting units that work along with landscape drainage systems.