Sep 18, 2022

Why should you get synthetic turf?

Why should you get synthetic turf?
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Why should you get synthetic turf?

Synthetic turf is a great way to conserve water and lower our carbon emissions. One square foot of artificial grass can save up 55 gallons per year! EPA statistics show that gas-powered gardening equipment accounts for 5% of all carbon emissions in America. Artificial grass is one way to reduce air pollution and help protect our environment! Also, the use of pesticides with natural grass is a major problem for our environment and has been linked to various diseases. With our artificial turf, you don't have this worry!

With a wide variety of options available, you can find artificial grass that is perfect for your needs. Some consumers want the look and feel just as much or even more than they do affordability; if this sounds like something up your alley then take some time to explore all avenues before committing!

How Does Synthetic Turf Drain?

Artificial turf is a great alternative to natural grass because it's not only more durable, but also doesn't require as much maintenance. The backing of the artificial surfaces have many small perforations (or pores) which allow water from our beautiful synthetic lawns below them drain vertically down into whatever soil they're sitting on!Synthetic grass is also a great alternative for those who have lawns that need to be maintained regularly due their natural surface not holding up well in wet conditions or retaining too much water. With synthetic surfaces, you can quickly dry out the lawn so it won't cause any problems because of puddles forming on top of each other from frequent rain.

Is Synthetic Turf Safe?

The website of the Synthetic Turf Council has numerous studies which show how safe synthetic turf is. Dr Davis Lee, an expert in organic chemistry and professor at Texas A&M University puts forth that "there's little doubt about its safety when compared with natural grasses."

Will Weeds Grow In My Synthetic Turf?

There are many benefits to installing synthetic turf, but one downside is that it doesn't stop weeds from growing. Weeds can grow through the fabric if they're not stopped before! To prevent this problem just spray weed killer on site or pull them out when you see signs of growth inside your yard - otherwise give us call today so our team members could come fix any issues right away.